Monthly Giveaway

Every month, we run a fun giveaway for UK-based individuals, bloggers and businesses who use WordPress to run their websites and blogs. Our giveaway prizes are all carefully chosen to help use enhance your WordPress site or to give it a little TLC.

This month’s giveaway

This month we’re giving away a FREE WordPress spruce up valued at £75 – this includes a full backup, updates to plugins, updates to your WordPress core, a malware check and a final full backup. We’ll send the full backup to you with a smart report to show you what we’ve done.

Giveaway open to individuals and businesses in the UK only. Websites must use WordPress, and we reserve the right to check your site before making any changes.  If for any reason we believe it’s unsafe to make minor changes and updates to your site, we will unfortunately not be able to award the prize to you, and will instead award it to the next winner in the list. This may apply to sites that are years out of date, or to sites that have complex plugins and custom features. There is no cash substitution.

Get started!

10 + 7 =

“Jen and her team are extremely competent and creative WordPress experts. Our company hired them to update our website in WordPress; tutor our staff in the use of social media; and fix any web tweaks in the blink on an eye. When your website has a problem, large or small, Stress-free WP fixes it fast. This is a rare level of service from a technology professional. When you want a WordPress job created or fixed, call on Stress-free WP.”

— Marianne Ballantine, Ballantine Environmental Consulting

What to expect when we work together

Good communication
We believe that clear, collaborative and direct communication is the foundation of every project. If we work together, you can expect regular communication and updates throughout your project. We avoid jargon wherever possible, do our best to give you honest input and advice, and respond to questions quickly and clearly.

We’re easy to reach during office hours via telephone and email, so you can bounce ideas off us as and when they come to you.

Solid project management
Project management is important. We know how to plan, track, measure and deliver projects, and use professional tools and a tried-and-tested process to ensure that projects are delivered on time, to budget and that the quality is spot-on.
A lot of lip-service is paid to the word “collaborative”, but we believe that good working relationships are built on collaborative communication and respect for what each party brings to the table. We invite and encourage your involvement throughout the process, respect your expertise and insights, and contribute our experience and skills to make sure that we create the right web solution for you.

When it comes to WordPress and websites, we’re the specialists. When it comes to your project or your business, you’re the expert. We listen carefully to what you want to achieve and give you suggestions and ideas that we genuinely believe will be right for you, not our bottom line. And if we think that the approach you want to take isn’t going to yield the right results, we’ll chat to you about it – what you decide in the end is up to you, but you can depend on our objective and honest input.

A complete website solution
We can help you with all aspects of your website, from planning to deployment, or we can dive in and help you with one aspect of the process.  Some of the ways we can help include:

  • project planning and research
  • information architecture and user experience
  • website design
  • content writing
  • website build
  • sourcing or developing plugins
  • search engine optimisation
  • security
  • ongoing support, as well as upgrades and backups
Creativity, technical know-how and good business sense
If you work with a graphic designer, you may get a pretty look-and-feel with no thought about user experience or functionality.  If you work with a website developer, you may get stunning features and functionality, but a poor user interface.  We blend a creative eye and technical know-how, which means that we can help you create website that is beautiful, functional, AND user-friendly.  Add to that our project management approach and experience of working with hundreds of businesses over the years as well as our combined experiences of running successful businesses, and you have a team that will make sure that your website not only looks good and works well, but that helps you meet your business or organisational objectives, too.


We’re real, live human beings and we’d be happy to have a chat and and answer your questions.

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