Keeping your WordPress website safe & secure with Protect+Care

Here’s a question for you: if things go wrong with your WordPress website because of hackers or because of some other random problem, can you afford the time, energy, money and possibly the goodwill of your clients by losing your website for days, weeks or longer?

If the answer is no, you’ll want to ensure that your site is secure, maintained, backed up and easy to recover in case things go wrong. If peace of mind and a no-stress website appeals to you, our Protect+CARE plan might be right up your street.

Find out more about our Protect+CARE plan, get started or if you’re not sure if it’s right for you, get started with a FREE 30-day trial.

Two easy ways to pay


£27 ($34) / month, cancel any time


£280 ($345) per year (SAVE £44 / $63), cancel any time

What's included in our Protect+Care plan?

Site Lockdown

We'll backup your site, then use our set of premium security tools to secure your site, to keep it as safe as possible from hackers and nefarious online folk.

Site backups to the cloud

Our backups have rescued more websites than we can count!  We'll back up your site every week (or more regularly if agreed) and store backups on our remote cloud server. If things go pear-shaped, we'll get you back online in no time.

Uptime monitoring

We'll monitor tour site’s uptime, downtime & performance, so we'll know immediately if  your sites goes down. That means that we can act quickly to get you back online, too.

WordPress & plugin updates

Running the latest version of WordPress and applying regular plugin updates means that your site is more secure. We'll make sure that your site is regularly updated and upgraded with compatible software to keep problems at bay.

Unlimited site recoveries

As long as you're on our Protect+Care plan, you don't need to worry about things going wrong on your site. If your site goes down because of a dodgy plugin, a hacking attack or because of an experiment you've tried in your site, let us know an we'll recover the site to it's most recent backup. As many times as needed whilst your plan is active. Phew!

Monthly reports

At the end of each month, we send out a graphical report to show you what we've done - some months, we'll protect you from hundreds of attacks and upgrade plugins continually. Other months, we'll simply be monitoring and securing your site. Whatever we do, you'll know about it.


Fast, friendly, jargon-free service

When you come to us for help, you can expect fast, friendly input - in plain English - from our small team of UK-based WordPress experts.

Like what you’re hearing?

Your questions answered

How does the 30-day free trial work?

When you sign up, you get access to all the features in the Stress-free WP Protect+Care plan for 30 days. No credit card is necessary. We will email you when your trial is about to expires. You can then select a plan to continue using the product. If you choose not to continue, your account will expire, and we'll remove all backup and security tools from you site, but all updates will remain in place. You'll need to continue securing, updating and backing up your site in the future.

But we're confident you'll love the plan that you'll continue!

Do you have any cancellation fees?

There are no cancellation fees. If you're on the monthly Protect+Care plan, you can cancel whenever you want and you'll be billed for the current month and no longer. If you're on the annual Protect+Care plan and you cancel, we'll work out how many months you've used, charge you for the number of months used at the monthly rate to the end of the current month, then we'll refund you the rest.

Do you provide ad-hoc support as part of Protect+Care

No, our Protect+Care plan is all about providing your site with protection and ongoing care and maintenance. If you need help with support, we'd be happy to help - you can learn more about our support and training here.

How will you get into my site?

Once you've applied for the free trial, we'll send you an email with a few things that we need from you. We'll definitely need your WordPress admin login details (or you can create a new account just for us) and your website hosting details (so that we can fix things as soon as they go wrong in case you get hacked or in case a plugin has a problem). We'll ask you to send these to us using a secure, encrypted form to keep your important information safe and secure.

Do you provide discounts for multiple sites?

Yes, we do! Get in touch for a friendly chat about how many sites you have, and we'll make a plan.

Why do you only provide support for businesses & individuals in the UK?

We're based in the UK, we work UK business hours and we're a UK business supporting other UK businesses. Although we're regularly checking our systems to ensure that client sites are happy and safe, we don't work around the clock (which makes it impractical to work with folks in the US, for example). So rather than pretending our team is big enough to take on the world, we'd prefer to simple support the UK.

Two easy ways to pay


£27 ($34) / per month, cancel any time


£280 ($345) per year (SAVE £44 / $63 ), cancel any time

“Websites are like cars – things go wrong from time to time and they need regular servicing. The Stress-free WP team are my website “mechanics”. When something goes wrong, I ring them up and they fix the problem or tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it myself. I also subscribe to their Stress-free WP service, which gives me HUGE peace of mind and has saved my bacon on more than on occasion. If you have a WordPress site, you need Stress-free WP to keep it healthy!”

— Charlene Morris, Momentum Sales Training

Try a FREE 30-day trial!

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