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Is your WordPress website a prime target for hackers?

WordPress is popular and so it's beloved by hackers and business owners alike. That's why every day, businesses of all shapes and sizes wake up to discover that their carefully designed, carefully marketed website is offline, or riddled with dodgy code, or has been...

Hackers attack 3 vulnerable WordPress plugins

The world loves things that come in threes. This apparently applies to WordPress vulnerabilities, as witnessed by Wordfence who uncovered some nasty zero-day flaws in a trio of WordPress plugins. These vulnerabilities have already been exploited on some websites, so...

WordPress 8.2 patches 9 security vulnerabilities

WordPress.org has released version 4.8.2 of its content management system that fixes nine security issues, five of which involve cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. The top-ranked flaw was found in $wpdb->prepare(), which, if left unpatched, can create...

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